Current Video Schedule on youtube channel and Poll on what schedule you like best

Hey Everybody! Just to keep you posted of what to expect on the YouTube channel (for right now anyways):

Renegade Ops Videos:
Mission 6: Releases June 7th EST (Friday)
Mission 7: Releases June 10th EST (Monday)
Mission 8: Releases June 14th EST (Friday)
Mission 9: Releases June 17th EST (Monday)

I know the series isn’t that successful among a bunch of you, but I’m continuing for the sake of completing the series, so at least you guys have something to watch during my busy school schedule.

Now, here is the good part. I’m trying to start back up my schedule of videos for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However I want the options of the types of videos to be up to you, the fans of my channel because i feel the channel would not be as successful without your guy’s input. So I decided to create a poll to see what type of videos you all enjoy from my channel. So have fun voting and looking forward to the results! Thank you for reading everyone!

Life Update: Change of “Game” Plans.

Well, as you all know, it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a video. However that dry spell is soon to change. While most (if not all) of you are probably expecting more play4free videos, be prepared because this video coming is not anything related to battlefield, but geared towards another shooter that I have enjoyed dearly on a console, Halo 4 (and possibly raged quite a bit on). I know some of you are probably in suspense to see it, some of you are probably with sunken hearts. Hopefully some of you will look past the fact that even though it’s not a battlefield game, you will still appreciate the montage for what it’s worth. It’s about 27% complete and I expect it to be done within the week (already got most of the footage, just trying to do the syncing correctly). I will continue to keep you all posted as life goes on. Thanks you guys for being awesome and being interested in my gaming life. :3

Level: College… Mission Start! (Life Update)

Heya all! I know a lot of you are like, “Shod, Y U NO MAKE VIDEOS?” Well the truth is, I just started college, so that is taking up a bit of my time, once I get more organized and familiar with my schedule, I’ll have scheduled dates for my videos, but for right now They will be suprises so stay subscribed and check back on the channel for any new content often. Again, I appreciate all of you for the following comments, criticism, and suggestions. Without you guys, this channel would of never existed. With that being said see you next video (or life update, whichever comes first)


Shodredux Battlefield Play4Free Server = Online!

Hey everyone!

I now officially have my own Battlefield Play4Free Server up and running! EVERYONE (with reasonable ping and don’t hack/cheat) is welcome to join the server and play, because I am the one that fully owns this server.  (with a few mods here and there that help out)

If you would like to Bookmark Shodredux’s Battlefield Play4Free Server Click here

I’m giving this a try to see if people are interested enough to play in the server. The Server is running all maps and gametypes. The only rules I have is play nicely and have fun.

If anyone is interested in donating, please e-mail any amount helps and all donations go toward this server. First 5 people to Donate will be given VIP status on the server and (for what it’s worth) a personal thank you in one of my future videos. :3